Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

It's 2018! This is the year the book arrives! Are you excited? We're excited.

November and December found us hard at work. As the days grew shorter and colder, we packed each hour tighter.

We spent our holidays talking about all the wrapped packages under the trees that might have our book in them next year. We laid out pages. We shuffled and reshuffled. We wrote and we drew, and we rewrote and we redrew. We exchanged emails with our fantastic and visionary editor, Lizzie. We shared thoughts on cover design. We discussed the tangibles of shipping and signing and prints and plates. The words "launch party" floated around a little bit.

Even with all that, even with the realities of the book constantly consuming us, it still feels like a fantasy. An "if" instead of the "when" that your pre-orders helped make it. It just doesn't feel fully real. It probably won't until we hold a copy in our hands at last.

(Maybe you feel the same.)

Well, the new year has come and from here out the days will grow ever so gradually longer. We'll still be working and planning and spending the hours on this little book we're binding our hearts into.

And each day will be one less to go until, all of a sudden and sooner than we realized, it will be here.

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