A Small Fiction

By James & Jefferson Miller

A Small Fiction is an illustrated collection of 150 tiny stories, each told in 140 characters or less.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

90 days down! 30 days to go!

As of today there are less than 30 days left to reach our funding total to 100% so this book can go to print. 30 days to raise 19% of the total, and if we can make it, everyone gets a beautiful book! It all comes down to these last few weeks.

It'll be a sprint to the finish to be sure, so if you know anyone who's been on the fence about getting the book, or who wants a copy but hasn't gotten around to ordering one, let them know they (and we) are almost out of time to get a special first edition of the book with their name listed as a supporter!

This is our first update in a while, but we've been hard at work cultivating which Small Fictions we want in the book, planning the order that we think they should appear, and arranging and thumbnailing the illustrations. (Maybe we'll share a couple previews in the next update! What do you think?)

Well, somewhere in all that selection and arranging and planning it occurred to us that before we finalize the selection we should ask the opinion of the awesome people who've brought this book so close to being a reality: you guys!

Is there a particular Small Fiction story you'd love to see in the book? My favorites will be in there, yours should be too.

Leave a comment below and let us know! And thank you so much for supporting A Small Fiction!

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Denise Cardoza
 Denise Cardoza says:

So many it's hard to choose! I especially loved the one you wrote after the Pulse Nightclub shooting and of course anything about dogs!

posted 30th August 2017

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