A Small Dark Quiet

By Miranda Gold

Is it possible to replace a life?

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

What a beautiful way to begin...

Dear supporters,

The novel is just six weeks from making its way into the world and the brilliant team at Unbound are casting a discerning eye over the final stages of production: the edits are almost complete, corrected proofs are on their way and the art director is creating the first visuals for the cover design...it's coming together, it's taking shape and none of this would be happening without you - I can't wait for you to hold a copy of the book you've helped bring to life in your hands.

In the mean time I’ll leave you with these kind words from Alice Jolly about A Small Dark Quiet: 'Bold, challenging and beautifully written.  An imaginative exploration of trauma which has all the power of the darkest fairy tales.'  

Alice is the author of ‘Dead Babies and Seaside Towns’, which won the Pen/Ackerley Prize, and Mary Ann Sate, a remarkable achievement that recovers a lost voice with the magic and immediacy of oral story telling. I've been deeply touched by Alice's astonishing work - fierce, poignant and luminous - so it's truly a gift to have an endoresment from her.


Please do keep spreading the word if you can - there is still a little more time for readers to pledge and get their names printed in the book. 


Heartfelt thanks to you all.

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