A Small Dark Quiet

By Miranda Gold

Is it possible to replace a life?

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Introducing Arthur

A heartfelt thanks to you all. August is a sleepy month but the support for 'A Small Dark Quiet' has been atonishing. It might be a bit premature to start making T-shirts but to see 'A Small Dark Quiet' 52% funded is less than four weeks is fantastic (I do, however, endorse all t-shirt making activity.)

Since you can't meet the characters in 'A Small Dark Quiet' just yet, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about how I first came across the one that compelled me to hear his story. The process of writing can have something of the method actor's madenss about it, but I find myself living alongside characters before I can look through their eyes. I probably already knew Arthur when I spotted him in Golders Hill Park - an empty briefcase on his lap, sandwich crusts at his feet. He wouldn't have liked to say say why he was there in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the working week. He couldn't go home or go back to the college but at least on that bench no one would ask him any questions - he'd had enough of questions and didn't want an inquisitive writer dashing back through five decades hovering about. Arthur wasn't the type of character I could quickly unravel and every time he seemed of the brink of talking he'd yawn and shake his head or wander off. So I left him alone - but while I was getting to know the other charcters in the novel Arthur appeared every so often and told me a little more. Just because he didn't quite know where he was going yet or if there was anywhere for for him to go didn't mean there was't one. I was curious - here was someone determined to be a part of a world that wanted to keep him on the periphery. Maybe it's a writer's vice but I just kept wondering - where has he come from?

Books that resist quick summaries and easy consolations often don't have the chance to make it into readers' hands. 'A Small Dark Quiet' is one of those books and it's thanks to you and Unbound that it's on the way to becoming a reality.


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