A Small Dark Quiet

By Miranda Gold

Is it possible to replace a life?

Sunday, 3 February 2019

A Small Dark Quiet - the conversation begins!

Dear Supporters,

A Small Dark Quiet has been out in the world for two months and it’s been wonderful to explore themes at the heart of the novel with such curious, engaged audiences at events. Having the chance to collaborate with fellow unboundersmiths for some of these has opened up the conversation in unexpected ways, drawing out some surprising affinities and allowing stories that might be tucked away on different shelves to meet. I have to admit I hadn’t anticipated so much enthusiasm from booksellers but the response so far has been very encouraging and it seems we have a few book angels in our midst helping Arthur and company find a home in new readers.

I confess I stumble my way round the digital world, so I’m enormously grateful to Anne Cater for organising helping to spread the word online through the blog tour. Here are a few snippets from the tour and beyond…

‘Beautiful, elegant, sparse and heartrending, 'A Small Dark Quiet' is lyrical and constructed with a pure joy for the words that sing from every page. It is an ultimately uplifting and powerful read that I would absolutely recommend.’

‘…brave and thought-provoking literary fiction which demands its readers take a risk....These characters and their fractured stories will stay with me as a reminder of all those whose lives have been displaced for whatever reason.'

‘magnetic…a storyline which makes you think and reevaluate the slightest notion in your own life.’

Please do join the conversation by leaving a review on amazon or goodreads. A book comes to life through its readers I would love hear your thoughts – as much or as little as you have time and inclination for…just a few words can make such a difference!

Thanks again, dear supporters, I’ll leave you with a recent interview in the Ham and High https://www.hamhigh.co.uk/etcetera/books/books-a-small-dark-quiet-miranda-gold-1-5861827

....and a link to a piece I wrote as part of the blog tour, Time in the Psyche, Time on the Clock…








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