Whodunnit #3

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Hello super-sleuths! Here's the solution to Whodunnit #2 and, because I got my scanner working again,the picture quality is much better (as always, click on the pic to see a bigger version).

So, did you get it right? Many of you did I know. Right, here we go with Whodunnit #3 - The Body on the Moor ...

Good luck!

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Mark Vent
Mark Vent says:

1.) 3 inches
2.) around midnight (between nine fifty and midnight)
3.) 8am
4.) hat, light rain coat, winter umbrella
5.) the umbrella/parasol wasn't the one he brought with him (or he didnt bring one).
6.) looks like a parasol/light weight brolly.
7.) none
8.) Umbrella is still in hall stand.
9.) snow under the body.
10.) Jonas Tegg

January 18, 2017

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