A Murder To Die For

By Stevyn Colgan

A darkly comic farce about a murder at a murder mystery festival

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The countdown begins ...

How time flies!

It's now under 10 days to publication day for A Murder To Die For. And can I ask you all a favour? If you see a copy in a shop, snap a pic on your phone and send it to me by Twitter (@stevyncolgan), Facebook or email (stevyncolgan@gmail.com). One of the big thrills of being a writer is seeing the book in a shop.

The biggest thrill, however, is having your book read by people and hearing that they enjoyed it.

So please do leave an honest review on Bookreads - if you do Bookreads. And, in nine days time when the Amazon page for the book goes live, you can leave reviews there too. Every single review - even if it's just a star rating - helps to give the book visibility.

And if you did enjoy the book, please do consider pledging for the sequel The Diabolical Club. Over 420 of you pledged for the first book. If you all pledged for the second, it would be funded by tomorrow! Which means that we can IMMEDIATELY get on with making it into a book for you to read. The faster it's funded, the faster you get it. QED. 

Here's the link

The book picks up the story two years after the events in 'Murder' and sees Frank Shunter embroiled in yet another bizarre murder-mystery, this time involving a girls' boarding school, some inept animal rights activists, a naughty MP, a mythical giant black dog, a 17th century secret society, a dogging club and the truth about Agnes Crabbe's long-lost novel 'Wallowing in the Mire'. The book is all written and ready to go and I plan to make it a suitable companion to the first - same format, same cover artists etc. 

All we need is the funding!



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