A Murder To Die For

By Stevyn Colgan

A darkly comic farce about a murder at a murder mystery festival

Friday, 16 February 2018

Hello Pledgelings!

Hello Pledgelings!

Remember me?

Yes, the book has flown the nest and is now perched on tables - on tables, mind! - in bookshops from Lands End to John O'Groats. Well, Edinburgh to Truro anyway. It's getting some real attention and that, m'chums, is all down to you. YOU made this happen with your kindness and generosity.


I have at least 30 more photos of that ilk. It's wonderful! Thank you all, every one of you. But I wonder if I may prevail upon you one last time?

If you enjoyed the book (and even if you didn't) can you PLEASE leave a review on Amazon? You can do one on Goodreads too if you do Goodreads. Reviews REALLY HELP authors. 

AND of course, you could, if you like, support the sequel THE DIABOLICAL CLUB, which is now gathering pledges HERE. The last book took a long time to fund. So, the quicker we get the sequel funded, the quicker you get to read it.  

Finally, a quick update on pledge levels.

If you pledged at Launch Party level or Tour level, don't worry! We haven't forgotten you!

The Tour was always going to be postponed until we have better weather so that you can enjoy the fabulous countryside, villages and (let's be honest) pubs that I'm going to take you to. 

The Party, meanwhile, is nearly sorted. The difficulty has been finding a venue that can accommodate you all - so many of you pledged at this level! - while still being able to afford to put on a proper murder-mystery night. We have now engaged a company to run the evening and we're just sorting dates. Late March/early April is looking most likely but watch this space SOON for an announcement!

Thanks once again for helping me to make A MURDER TO DIE FOR a reality and don't forget to leave a REVIEW and pledge on THE DIABOLICAL CLUB if you fancy it.



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