A Murder To Die For

By Stevyn Colgan

A darkly comic farce about a murder at a murder mystery festival

Friday, 8 July 2016

Good News among the Terrible News

It's been a good week.

Well, in between news stories about backstabbing Brexiters, squabbling Labour MPs, confused and rudderless Tory MPs, more shootings in America, car bombs in Iraq, junior doctors having contracts forced upon them, crashing currencies, Wales being knocked out of Euro 2016 and England being beaten by Iceland, madmen and dodgy women running for US president, racist attacks on UK residents, Brexit architects' resignations, the Chilcot report ... 

Well, it's been good week for the book at least because it jumped from being 63% to 66% funded.

Now, this may not seem a lot but 1% equates to about £100, so the £300 you've raised this week is brilliant! I've been crowdfunding this baby for 227 days and you guys have raised around £7k so far - It costs around £10k to bring a book to print and to get it distributed. So that's about £30 per day (or two £15 or three £10 pledges per day). Crowdfunding is a painfully slow process if you ain't a celeb and it's lovely to have these occasional little positive leaps, As always, I thank you for your altruism and philanthropy.      

More good news - The book is now officially written. It's gone through a few revisions - 13 in fact - and it's changed considerably along the way. Characters have come and gone, plotlines have twisted and evolved or been entirely excised, and every iteration has seen the book get a little better and, hopefully, funnier. Several of my good friends have read it and their comments have helped me greatly; the fact that they are good friends means that they are not afraid to tell me if they don't like something and why.

So I now reckon I'm ready to push this baby out into the world.

Except I can't get the ball rolling until I hit that 100% target.

Just 34% to go - So close and yet so far!.Grrrr.  

If you're not a pledger yet, all I'm asking for is £15. The price of a pizza. Or a bad Chinese takeaway for two. Or seven cups of overpriced tea/coffee in a coffee shop. 

In fact, if you're new to Unbound, you can use the code july2016 before the 22nd and get a fiver off. I'm cutting my own throat here as it will slow down the funding process even more! But it may be that some people can afford a tenner more easily than the full price.

So what will you get for your money? Firstly, a special edition of the book that will be posher than the trade editions that will go into the shops. Secondly, your name will be listed in the book as one of the book's patrons. Thirdly, there's the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you were an early adopter and that you helped to make a new book happen. And won't you feel smug when it gets picked up as a TV series or Holywood blockbuster eh?*

But if the book isn't for you or you are already a subscriber, you can still help. Please keep spreading the word. Nag your friends and family to subscribe. Facebook them. Tweet them. Email them. Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat them. Smear them with offal and hang them over a crocodile-infested river. Kidnap their grannies and hold them to ransom.**

Every penny helps.


*But probably not - though I will try!

**Please don't.

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