A Murder To Die For

By Stevyn Colgan

A darkly comic farce about a murder at a murder mystery festival

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Fancy a Bonus?

Hello all you lovely, lovely people who subscribed to A Murder To Die For and helped to make it a reality. Are you well? You look great! :)

Now then. I know that many of you have subscribed for the sequel, The Diabolical Club. But, if you haven't, time is running out to get your name in the book. It's been through the first wave of edits and will soon be ready for typesetting and layout prior to printing. The book will be published and in the shops in July.

And, if you don't subscribe to it, you'll miss out on something that won't be available in the shops - a whole extra bonus e-book. 

The Nearly Invisible Man and Other Stories consists of twelve unpublished short stories and novellas featuring characters from A Murder to Die For, The Diabolical Club and the third, as yet unpublished, book in the series, Cockerings. It will only be available to subscribers.

The chapter listing for the book looks like this:

Slightly Foxed

The Nearly Invisible Man (A DCI Quisty story)

Go To Hell!

A Soft Answer (A Miss Cutter story)

Merry Christmas Mister Whelk

Medium Well Done (A DCI Quisty story)

Potato Salad Days

Five Go To The Captain’s Cottage

Man Of Hunger

The Perfect Crime (A DCI Quisty story)

The Sheriff of Pardley

The Promise Of A Better Tomorrow – A Christmas Story

An extract from the forthcoming novel Cockerings

As you can see, there are three stories featuring DCI Gavin Quisty and one Miss Cutter adventure written by Agnes Crabbe herself! You'll also get a sneak preview of Cockerings in the form of the first two chapters - I'll probably run a campaign to fund it with Unbound later this year.

Fancy some of that (plus The Diabolical Club obviously)? 

Then click here and pledge!


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