A Murder Of Crows

By Ian Skewis

A psychological crime thriller set in Scotland

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Kindness Of Strangers Part Two...

His name is Derek Wilson.

I don't know him.

But I think he's great!

He just helped fund more of my novel - a total stranger! There's nothing more amazing than someone who doesn't know you looking at your work and thinking, yes, this is worth it.

It reminds me of all those times when I was down in the dumps about my writing, thinking I was never going to be heard because I simply wasn't good enough. I'm certainly not saying that I'm a great writer - but it helps that some of you out there think highly enough of me to at least make a contribution. In this case actions speak louder than words.

And it's at times like these that I say to myself, yes, this IS worth it.

Thank you Derek.

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