A Murder Of Crows

By Ian Skewis

A psychological crime thriller set in Scotland

Monday, 14 March 2016

Day 87: Countdown Commencing!

It's an absolutely beautiful morning in Glasgow.

A sky blue sky and everything seems as clear as a bell.

One thing isn't clear though - my poor head!

Last night, I went to Noir At The Bar at the Mitchell Library (part of  Aye Write!  - Glasgow's book festival) and even though I was absolutely exhausted from working long hours I found it very informal and entertaining. I finally got to meet and thank Russell D McLean, who gave me some great feedback on my novel a couple of years ago. And I met and thanked Dr Brooke Magnanti, who generously supported my book just a few days ago. It turns out she knows a friend of mine - small world indeed!

After all that excitement I went straight home to bed.

And today? My head is fuzzy as I'm still knackered and am now preparing for today's work, (a temp shift), and already I've done my usual and sent out a billion posts here, there and everywhere (almost a day's work in itself, or maybe it just feels like that) but I am distinctly hopeful. The support and enthusiasm that has greeted me has been astounding at times.

The countdown has commenced and this Friday is the deadline for my book - and I am now at 90%. I still can't believe it's got this far.

And I hope this is just the beginning.

See that photo at the top of the page? This time next year I want to be up there. So help me do it. Please continue to show your support by sharing this as much as you can. Tell your friends. Tell everyone and anyone. Yes, I know you are all sick of me bleating on about this book (my closest friends certainly are - and who can blame them?) so just give me a few more days.

And then I promise I won't mention the words 'murder' or bloody 'crows' again.

Well, for a few minutes at least...

Bless you all!


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Dan Ellis-Jones
 Dan Ellis-Jones says:

Hi Ian,

I'm seriously impressed with your energy and commitment. Would love to get some pointers!
Can you contact me through my page? Five Cards to Kiev? Probably best to go to my blog and email me from there.

Congratulations on getting so close. I'm sure that golden 100% isn't far off! :)

posted 15th March 2016


Hi Dan, and thanks for getting in touch.
If you like send me a PM via Facebook and I'll give you my number to call.
Might be easier to chat over the phone if you prefer.
Best Wishes,

posted 15th March 2016

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