A Murder Of Crows

By Ian Skewis

A psychological crime thriller set in Scotland

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Day 83: Something To Crow About...

Hello again!

Well, I am finally approaching the nailbiting finish line!

It has been extraordinary to be on the receiving end of so much kindness.

Thank you once again to all those who have pledged their support - all 128 of you!

And many of you have been very suppportive in other ways too, sharing my posts and encouraging me too - very much appreciated. And now my wee book has reached 83%!

I have to say, if anyone had asked me three months ago if this was possible I would have given a nervous laugh, but the past three months have given me a new zest for life and a courage that I had left behind somewhere - and I owe that to you, dear readers.

And there is more excitement in the pipeline - I will be meeting with one of my patrons this weekend - Dr Brooke Magnanti, who you may know wrote the well known Belle de Jour books, later made into a television series called The Secret Diary Of A London Call Girl, starring Billie Piper. I will also be meeting for the first time Russell D McLean, who gave me a very helpful critique of this book some two years ago.

The very fact that I am now meeting people of this calibre is so exciting and I have so many plans and ambitions for the future which I will blog about here as the book develops.

However, I still need another 17%! and I only have 8 days now so please, please, please tell everyone about this project and share this post far and wide. This means so much to me and it's been gestating since 1989! Now I finally have a chance to unburden myself and get this haunting story out there - my future is in your hands, so handle with care - and give me something to crow about in a week's time...

Love and Best Wishes,


Below is a list of the latest patrons - thanks again guys - you are amazing!


Cathey and Hazel Gillies

Tabatha Stirling

Jan O'Malley

Linda Hepper

Marisa Zanotti

Kirsty Edwards

Nicola Dawson

Alexis Roseman

Meagan Cihlar

Runilla Chilton

Kay McNee

Sam Heughan

Katrina Morrison

Ann Taylor

Suzanne LaPrade

Rosalba Franchi

Christine Mugnier

Hagar A

Joanne Rewinski

Charlene Cross

Lisa Skorupa

Deborah Franco

Lynne Seddon

J David Simons

A Randall

Gabriele Bittner

Janice Holve

Barbara Robotti

Granny Grace

Claudia Fonda-Bonardi

Anne Marie Young

Michele Kane

Christine Wanamaker

Wajoma Smith

Thomas Gemmell

Catherine Gemmell

Arthur Gough

Louise McKenzie

Shelley Prior

John Kazek

David Manderson

Lucy Burns

Andrew Chapman

Graeme Malcolm

Dr Brooke Magnanti

Marc de Launay

Lisa Harney

Caroline Stammers

Shona Kinsella

David keddilty


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Janice Holve
 Janice Holve says:

I will be in Scotland in mid- July. Would any of your tour options be available then? Close, close friend (avid reader, teacher, Australia native) just lost her husband and I have gotten her to agree to a European trip. Her daughter (PhD) was just hired in Edinburg to use DNA tracking to help reduce endangered animal trafficking so our first stop will be there. We want to visit Glasgow but hate just the "tourist" thing. Your offer sounds much better. We are both consistent walkers but are by no means young.. other than at heart. I am also interested in your crowdsourcing experience as I am increasingly asked about this as a means of financing and appreciate all experience. Please advise interest, availability. I would be happy to offer the added amount if so. Many thanks. Janice Holve

posted 11th March 2016


Hi Janice,
First of all, thank you for your nice message and for your interest in my book.
I would be more than happy to give you both a guided tour and indeed I am available in July. I can guide you around the parts of Dumbarton and Glasgow where the book is based and inspired by and I certainly don't mind talking about my experience with crowd-funding.
So I will leave it up to you for the now. The deadline for my funding is this Friday just so that you aware. Any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Best Wishes,

posted 15th March 2016


Hi Janice,
Thanks for you support earlier. Just to let you know that you can still pledge for the guided tour even though the funding deadline is complete. No problems if you can't - just letting you know as you expressed an interest.
Best Wishes,

posted 19th March 2016

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