A Murder Of Crows

By Ian Skewis

A psychological crime thriller set in Scotland

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Day 19: A Worthy Cause...

I'll admit it - I'm knackered!

Not only have I spent every spare minute promoting this novel on Facebook and Twitter since this amazing offer from Unbound started, but I have been knocking on every virtual door in order to spread the good word and raise funds - it's not easy!

But the kindness of people always makes my cause worthwhile.

Sara Park step right up!

Thank you for your support! As you can see I'm now at 19%!

On target so far! And it's because of you guys!

But the hard work continues...

I managed to get into Hillhead Library and am waiting on their reply...

Meanwhile there's rewrites to do - I'm at page 39 and counting...

Then this blog will be sent to Facebook, then my Facebook novel page and the Unbound Facebook page - Oh and Twitter too! And I do this several times each day!

And I'm building my own website!

And I'm not even officially back at my day job yet! God knows how I'll manage then - I'll need an understudy!

Then at last I'll get some 'me' time!

Oh no I don't - there's my laundry to sort out too. And groceries to get, and bills to pay etc etc...

So you see it's not easy being a writer.

But it's most definetly worth it!

See you tomorrow...



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