A Murder Of Crows

By Ian Skewis

A psychological crime thriller set in Scotland

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Copying Crows...

Hello again, and welcome back!

Just to let you all know that the copy edit of A Murder Of Crows is complete so now I get some much needed reprieve, well I say reprieve but I can never really stop writing. At the moment I'm working on a short story and trying to catch up reading other writers' work; Denise Mina, Jennie Ensor and Graeme Macrae Burnet - there is never enough time! I have a small backlog of supporting to do for other writers on the Unbound site too. So busy, busy, busy!

The copy edit has been the easiest part of the editing process so far but it still felt like a mountain, albeit of the Marilyn and not the Monroe variety. One of the most crucial things that came to light was the repetition of certain words and phrases, sometimes well overused, so these have been curbed and I've found new and more ingenious ways of describing scenes that are happening. Basically, the copy edit has been a clean up of extraneous parts that have been left lying around but it feels nice and clean now. The house of crows is in order. 

So the next stage is proofreading and then publication in November. 

I have a few surprises in store and there will be a launch party in Glasgow at The Raven. (Pun intended).

The front cover will be revealed soon - it looks great. And for those of you who opted for a poster of this in your pledge it should look pretty damn good on your wall.

And I've had a wonderful review from a well known author which will also be revealed in due course, so as ever, watch this space!

Thank you to Mary Dykes and Guy Ro, my latest patrons. Amazingly, the book is now 118% funded! 

Oh, and I will be doing another reading from A Murder Of Crows next month, this time in Edinburgh, so I will keep you all posted. 

Once again, thank you for your continued support.

Best Wishes, 


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