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Tuesday, 29 March 2016


So, all the excitement has died down and I've had some, but not much time, to reflect.

The conclusion? I am happy and still can't quite believe that we did it.

And now the book funding has risen to 111%! Who would have thought?

I am now rewriting the last fifty pages of the book and then in about four weeks time it will be sent to my editor, Rachel Rayner, who comes from Transworld Publishers - one of the world's biggest media groups - so I am excited to say the least!

After that it goes to the copy-editor and then the illustrating team and the marketing team and then, probably in August sometime, it will be released.

There will be a launch party too, of course. More details on that as they come.

I will also be taking one of my patrons and her friend (who is coming from Australia) on a guided tour of some of the locations used in the book.

In addition to that I am working on my next short story and I'm somehow trying to hold down two jobs and keep up with all my correspondence etc.

But you know what?

You have made it worthwhile. I haven't felt this much alive for years - you have given me the confidence to see it through.

And what's more, I am now earning money for my writing, not much, but I couldn't have said that a year ago.

And that is down to you, dear readers.

I've written a blog for Scottish crime writer, Michael J Malone, to be published soon - again I will give you the details as they come.

Oh, and I have tentatively jotted down some ideas for a sequel - but I will wait until I get your feedback on the first book before I seriously consider this.

By the way, you can still tell your friends and family to become patrons for this book - ten pounds gives them the book, their name inside and access to my blog.

Thank you to my latest patrons listed below:

Virginia Moffatt

Erik Zoha

Michael Grimshaw

Julie Mclaren

Keir Liddle

Laura Hayes

Janice Holve (twice pledged - thank you!)

Best Wishes,








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Deborah Franco
Deborah Franco says:

I'm so happy to read how well things are going. It's a good feeling to know I've helped this project move forward, even in a small way. Looking forward to reading the finished book. Onward to your editor...

March 30, 2016

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