A Mighty Boy

By Sarah Pullen

A powerful memoir about love and loss

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Publication Date

A Mighty Boy is scheduled to be published on 28th August (although you should all receive your copies in advance). 

It seems an age away still but there is a lot to do: copy-editing; type-setting; design; proof-reading and the rest. I imagine it will be upon me before I know it.

The Unbound team and I have decided on a cover picture, which will be familiar to some, and there has been lots of discussion about the subtitle. We have settled on “A mother’s journey through grief”, obviously one of the main themes of the book, although the words imply a finishing line that simply does not exist in my mind.

Meanwhile, I have had to go back to the drawing board for the epigraph. I had picked a beautiful quote from Peter Pan, the last book we read to Silas, as I have mentioned before.  


"You know that place between sleep and awake,

The place you can still remember dreaming?

That's where I will always love you,

That's where I will be waiting."


I got in touch with Great Ormond Street Hospital, who were gifted all the rights to Peter Pan, only to discover that the quote is actually from the film ‘Hook’ and is wrongly attributed to JM Barrie just about everywhere (duh - even my kids wouldn’t make such a novice mistake}.

Digging deeper, I discovered that many quotes attributed to JM Barrie online are incorrect. So after Christmas, I had no choice but to blow the dust off my own copy of Peter Pan and re-read it. My stomach churned and the words blurred and I was catapulted back to lying on my bed, Silas warm and vital beside me. I stumbled over the first few lines but forced myself to read on. As I turned the pages, it became easier and Barrie’s lilting, magical sentences settled around me like a warm blanket. I hunted down a new quote and settled on one that, for me, highlights the other main theme of the book.


“If you knew how great is a mother’s love,”

Wendy told them triumphantly,

“you would have no fear.”


If only love was all it took….!


Thank you all for your continued support and patience.


Sarah xx

P.S For anyone interested here is the link to my blog on my website https://sarahpullenwriter.com/blog/

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Ruth Hinckley
 Ruth Hinckley says:

Congratulations Sarah - you deserve to share your story of courage and bravery. I hope the book helps with raising awareness too. Lots of love Rurh X

posted 18th January 2017

Helen Pritchard
 Helen Pritchard says:

Oh gosh Sarah what wonderful words and I am so looking forward to reading your incredible book - you right the grief never goes away but I do hope it eases for you every day. Lots of love to you all! Helen

posted 18th January 2017

Angela McHale
 Angela McHale says:

What a wonderful quote Sarah. I am already crying. You are such a brave, honest, loving woman. I hope you find some comfort in the next few months seeing the book get finished and printed. Well done. Angela x

posted 18th January 2017

Heather Wheeler
 Heather Wheeler says:

So proud of you, for those of us who feel the words every day your book is very special. Heather xx

posted 18th January 2017

Lliane Clarke
 Lliane Clarke says:

How interesting about the Peter Pan thing! What a brave and beautiful person you are - sending lots of love to you all from down under and can't wait to hear about progress! Love the title!

posted 29th January 2017

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