A Mighty Boy

By Sarah Pullen

A powerful memoir about love and loss

Friday, 16 June 2017

Going to Press

Dear Endlessly Patient Subscribers

I just wanted to let you know that A Mighty Boy went to print at the end of May. It has been a long process but I think the finished book will look fantastic - I have included a sneak preview of the cover of the Special Edition - and the end papers are beautiful - the team at Unbound have done a wonderful job. 

I hope that it will land on your doorsteps in the next few weeks - gulp - nearly two months ahead of the trade launch in August - it sort of depends on how many copies I have to sign. Lunches/ T-shirts etc haven't been forgotten and the wheels have now been set in motion to fulfill all the pledges. Thank you to everyone who has joined me on this journey - all 365 of you (Silas would definitely like to know he had every day of the year covered) - your support means so much more than you will ever really know. 

Keep Smiling..Imagining...Loving...Achieving...and Singing and make the most of this short life. 

Sarah x



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