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A Mighty Boy

By Sarah Pullen

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A powerful memoir about love and loss

Publication date: August 2017
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About the book

How would you react if a stranger told you your ten year old son was going to die?

A Mighty Boy is a story about love and loss. The book is an account of our journey as a family after our ten year old son, Silas, was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour - from the instant those fateful words were spoken to his death and beyond.

This book shows that it is possible to find the strength for a journey that you don’t want to go on; that it is possible to find a new way to live even when death is knocking on the door. It is a book about wrapping a small boy in love but still letting him get grubby knees. It is about learning to savour every moment of the here and now yet also learning to let go.

It is a book about grief too, in all its many guises, and the search to find a way to mourn in this modern world. Grief can be ugly and raw and at times incomprehensible yet it has to be better to confront it than hide it away behind closed doors.

At its heart, though, A Mighty Boy is a story of the love between a mother and a son. It is a book about seizing the moment and somehow managing to survive the death of a child, but most of all it is a book about a small, smiling boy.

"This is one of the most profoundly moving and honest books that I have read. The author writes about grief in a way that is both clear-eyed and emotionally charged. Silas inhabits the book completely and the author does a fantastic job of allowing the reader to get to know her son." Euan Thorneycroft of A.M. Heath Literary Agency

The Silas Pullen Fund

Brain tumours kill more children than any other cancer and yet receive barely any funding. I hope A Mighty Boy can help change that as no parent should ever have to hear a stranger tell them their child is going to die. I hope you will support this book as once the initial subscription has been raised then my share of the profits (50% of every book sold) will go to The Silas Pullen Fund (a fund we set up after Silas died under the umbrella of The Brain Tumour Charity). This book will also contain a memorial list for children who have lost their lives to a brain tumour. We will contact subscribers for names and dates before the book goes to press.

The Silas Pullen Fund

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