A Love Of Two Halves

By PJ Whiteley

If one of the wealthiest people in Britain falls for one of the poorest, will the money be a salvation or an unsurmountable obstacle?

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Uncovering the cover, and a quote

Last month we finished the contents; this month it’s the packaging. We’ve had a tremendously positive reaction to the cover. Indeed, it is vivid, and tells the story – or at any rate, the premise – of the book, with the twin front doors, one posh, one slightly battered, representing the Two Halves of Britain, and of the relationship. For a glimpse of the cover, click on this link to the PJ Whiteley Author Facebook page.

I’m also proud to reveal a cover quote for the book, offered by SJ Bradley, Leeds-based novelist and fiction editor of the literary magazine Strix. She wrote:

‘PJ Whiteley's A Love of Two Halves is an uplifting Northern novel that will warm your heart and restore your faith in humanity.’

Recently I visited a venue that will potentially host a launch event in Leeds. There will also be an event in London, and I’m due to be appearing at the Margate Book Festival. All talks are due to be in November, shortly after the book is published. Details to be confirmed at my Events page here: http://pjwhiteley.com/events/

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