A Love Of Two Halves

By PJ Whiteley

If one of the wealthiest people in Britain falls for one of the poorest, will the money be a salvation or an unsurmountable obstacle?

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Glass half full on Yorkshire Day

In June we passed the 50% mark; this week, on Yorkshire Day, we reached 50 supporters. It’s been incredible to receive so much backing for my forthcoming novel, and I’m confident we’ll reach target before the end of the year.

This week I had an initial meeting with a Leeds-based literary events organisation about a Pledge Party, to support The Rooms We Never Enter. I’d be interested in inviting another Unbound author or two along as well. We had very positive discussions about making this event fun and participative, but I don’t want to announce more until we know what those details are – as well as, obviously, the venue, date and so on. But it will happen; probably around mid-November. Watch this space.

Also, I will be appearing with other Unbound authors at an all-day event in Waterstones Nottingham on Saturday 6th October. Details are not on the Waterstones website yet, but I will post a further update when they are.

Thank you to my 50 amazing supporters. More news soon!

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