A Love Of Two Halves

By PJ Whiteley

If one of the wealthiest people in Britain falls for one of the poorest, will the money be a salvation or an unsurmountable obstacle?

Friday, 4 January 2019

90% there ...

Following the latest flurry of pledges just before and after Christmas, some of them generous, I've topped the 90% mark for crowdfunding The Rooms We Never Enter. One final push, and we'll be there. I can start thinking in terms of the launch activity.

There's a lot of discussion among authors about the best way of letting people know about your work. Much expertise has been developed in the newer media, such as building a reader database with the help of Facebook marketing. I've found that it's helpful to use different media in conjunction with each other - so people learn about your books on social media and in a magazine, and at an event.

The most important priority, of course, is to ensure the book is engaging and well written, encouraging word-of-mouth recommendations. At a recent screenplay course I attended, a discussion on Rooms led to some promising ideas to develop the role of Karen's gifted teenage daughter Bronte a little more. I look forward to attending to this, and preparing the next draft, which may become the final one ....



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