A Hundred Years To Arras

By Jason Cobley

From a Somerset farm to the trenches of France: one man's coming of age through land, love and blood

Monday, 13 January 2020

January Blues - and Some Jazz

It's a new year. I hope this will be the year that A Hundred Years to Arras is published! We're 52% of the way there, with 159 supporters, and every single one of you keep me plugging away simply by being there.

This year I will also 'celebrate' twenty-eight years as a teacher. Twenty-eight. Crikey. Yes, I started in the womb, clearly.

January inevitably is a bit of a limbo period for some people after the jollities of Christmas. For me, though, it always represents something fresh. I don't really do New Year Resolutions because I'm not massively ambitious for anything beyond finding audiences for my writing and for my family to do well.

There may be all kinds of changes coming in 2020, and there may not. One thing is for sure, and that's this:

My latest issue of 'Commando', entitled 'Red Snow', comes out on 20th February (20/02/2002 - interesting!). I dabble in this, but hopefully there'll be more later in the year. The next one due to be commissioned is called 'Chaos in Coventry', set in WWII...

In the meantime, I'm still doing the radio show on Wednesday evenings on www.radioabbey.com - The Classic Rock & Prog Show from 7pm to 9pm followed by The Jazz and Blues Hour. I'm a recent convert to jazz really. I headed towards my fifth decade and decided to investigate Miles Davis, and it snowballed from there. My latest show was a Chet Baker special. One of our reward levels remains the chance to pick a playlist for an upcoming show. You could even appear as a guest if you fancy it!

I'm considering adding some new reward levels soon to attract some more supporters, so keep an eye out for that in case you fancy upgrading. I also need to confess being a bit useless in sending out posters to those who asked for them a while ago. If that's you, please remind me below or via usual means and I'll get it sorted. 

Anyway, belated Happy New Year!


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