A Hundred Years To Arras

By Jason Cobley

From a Somerset farm to the trenches of France: one man's coming of age through land, love and blood

Monday, 29 June 2020

"If My Calculations Are Correct, When This Baby Hits 88 Miles Per Hour, You're Gonna See Some Serious S***.”

Great Scott!

We hit 88! 88 per cent, that is. Not miles per hour. 

But I couldn't resist the movie quote - from one of the greatest movies ever made, of course!

We're at that stage where I'm going all out to get as much support as possible to reach 100%. I'm going through the manuscript sentence by sentence, adding, subtracting, changing, improving (I hope!) in full knowledge that once an editor gets their hands on it, I'll have more to do. And that's part of the joy of the journey. 

On the weekend, I hit Twitter and cheekily asked for retweets from a few writer-celebs with some reach. Thank you, James Smythe, Magnus Mills, John Lewis-Stempel and Mariella Frostrup for the retweets! Lucy Worsley hasn't done so yet. If she does, I may just faint.

Perhaps it's hitting 88mph - I'm getting dizzy, can't keep my eyes on the road.

“Roads? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads.”

Oh yes, Doc. Thanks for the reminder.

We're nearly there. Thanks again for all your patience and encouragement. Just wait until I start hitting you up for reviews and quotes... 

In the meantime, if you could try that friend or relative again that you just know would love it and point them in this direction, please do. If you're on Twitter, do a retweet. If you're on Instagram, do whatever they do on Instagram. What DO they do on Instagram?

A Hundred Years to Arras. 1917 to 2017. Here we are in 2020, heading back to the future...

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