A Hundred Years To Arras

By Jason Cobley

From a Somerset farm to the trenches of France: one man's coming of age through land, love and blood

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

And now... the cover reveal!

As a thank you to all of you for supporting this book, you're the first people outside of myself and Unbound to see the cover in its full glory. Thank you for investing financially and, let's face it, emotionally, in the crowdfunding campaign. You helped publish this book. It's thanks to you that this will be what you will see on bookshelves when you walk into bookshops. Without further ado, then, I'll let the cover speak for itself...

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Jason Cobley
 Jason Cobley says:

Please feel free to comment below!

posted 3rd March 2021

Victoria Mier
 Victoria Mier says:

Great to see it taking shape, Jason - getting real now, can't wait to read it.

posted 3rd March 2021

Tony Beighton
 Tony Beighton says:

Magnificent, striking, chilling cover

posted 3rd March 2021

Richmond Clements
 Richmond Clements says:

That looks great!

posted 3rd March 2021

Nick Powley
 Nick Powley says:

Really looking forward to a good read. I’ve spent loads of time walking with my son around the Arras countryside in the footsteps of my relatives. It’s very true that there’s a timeless quality to be found in the infrequently visited wide open spaces and quiet lanes around small villages such as Monchy le Preux, Heninel, Wancourt and Fampoux. Go there, stand still and listen and you can feel the past.

posted 3rd March 2021

Jason Cobley
 Jason Cobley says:

Thanks everyone!

posted 3rd March 2021

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