A Guide to Modernism in Metro-Land

By Joshua Abbott

Art Deco, Modernist & Brutalist architecture ​in the suburbs of London

Thursday, 7 November 2019

November 2019 Update

Hello Everyone,

I just thought I'd send you a quick update and let you know what is happening with A Guide to Modernism in Metro-Land.

The proofs arrived this week, as you can see in the photo. So now I need to go through and double (triple) check everything with a red pen and a large coffee! Hopefully that won't take too long and then we will be nearly ready to go to print. Of course once that happens I will let you all know.

The book is due to be published next year, and I know you are all eager to get your copy. Thank you once again for your patience and your continuing support, it is really appreciated!

Right, lets get proof reading!

Josh Abbott

Ps I have also updated the Modernism in Metroland website, with a new look and a new arrangement, take a look here http://www.modernism-in-metroland.co.uk/ 

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Nick Grant
 Nick Grant says:

Hey Josh. Thx for the update. Am worried about one thing though. In my admittedly limited experience of proof-reading the last person to do it should be the author them self. You will not be able to see the splinters of wood for the whole forest. You will misread/skate over stuff that needs amending because you drafted the damn stuff in the first place. I do despair at the amount of poor proof reading that appears in books today. Get someone else with fresh eyes bruv. Me even!

posted 7th November 2019

Liam Grant
 Liam Grant says:

Yeah cheers Nick

posted 9th November 2019

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