A Guide to Modernism in Metro-Land

By Joshua Abbott

Art Deco, Modernist & Brutalist architecture ​in the suburbs of London

Monday, 7 August 2023

Modernism Beyond Metro-Land

Hello Everyone,


I hope you are enjoying discovering the modernist buildings of the suburbs with A Guide to Modernism to Metro-Land. If you have ticked off every building in the book, there is good news…



We are very pleased to announce Modernism Beyond Metro-Land, our follow guidebook, an exploration of modernism in London’s eastern and southern suburbs, from Waltham Forest in the North East to Kingston in the South West


Modernism Beyond Metro-Land will include the architects such as Charles Holden, Berthold Lubetkin, Owen Luder, Richard Rogers and many others. The guide will feature art deco cinemas, modernist tube stations, brutalist office blocks, stunning post war houses and much more. 


As with the first guide, Modernism Beyond Metro-Land will feature colour photographs, detailed descriptions and maps of each area, as well as extended sections exploring a specific group of buildings such as Redbridge’s Central Line stations and Croydon Town centre 


Publication of the guide is again being crowdfunded with Unbound. To support the new book and choose from various pledge rewards follow the link in our bio or visit the Unbound website


Publication of the guide is being crowdfunded with Unbound, who also published A Guide to Modernism in Metro-Land. To support the new book and choose from various pledge rewards follow this link https://unbound.com/books/modernism-beyond-metro-land/


Thank you for your support with A Guide to Modernism to Metro-Land, and I hope you might like the new book too


Josh Abbott


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Sean O'Neill
 Sean O'Neill says:

The link isn't working above and the rewards are no longer available so there appears to be no way to support the new book, much as I would like to.

posted 7th August 2023

Pete Harris
 Pete Harris says:

Nothing on this page works!!

posted 7th August 2023

Joshua Abbott
 Joshua Abbott says:

Hi Sean, Pete

Apologies about the problem with the link. I have updated it now so it should work.


posted 7th August 2023

Sean O'Neill
 Sean O'Neill says:

Still not working Josh, just tried again on 9th Aug.

posted 9th August 2023

Joshua Abbott
 Joshua Abbott says:

Sorry for the problems Sean, please try this link via my website. Where it says HERE atthe botton of the page shoul dtake you to the right page https://www.modernism-in-metroland.co.uk/modernism-beyond-metroland.html

posted 14th August 2023

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