A Guide to Modernism in Metro-Land

By Joshua Abbott

Art Deco, Modernist & Brutalist architecture ​in the suburbs of London

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

March Update- 20% Reached!



I just wanted to send a quick message to everyone who has pledged to support A Guide to Modernism in Metro-Land, and say THANK YOU! Your backing for the project at this early stage has been wonderful and I am really grateful for your support.


We have now reached 20% and have over 160 supporters, but there is still a long way to go. If there is anyone you know who might be interested please send them the link for pledging https://unbound.com/books/a-guide-to-modernism-in-metro-land/ Also, if you could let people know about the project on your social media platforms, we would also be very grateful.


Lastly, there are lots of different pledge levels available, offering a range of different rewards; from t-shirts and tote bags to photographic prints and portraits to a specially curated Jewels of Metro-Land tour, so if you feel like upgrading your pledge there are lots of options available. To upgrade, just log in to your Unbound account and next to your pledge for The Guide there will be a green Upgrade/Donate button.


Thank you once again for your support and we look forward to sending you A Guide to Modernism in Metro-Land once we reach the target.


Josh Abbott


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