A Gothic Cookbook

By Ella Buchan and Dr Alessandra Pino, with illustrations by Lee Henry

A feast for the senses: an illustrated cookbook inspired by classic and contemporary Gothic texts.

Thursday, 9 December 2021

A Very Gothic Gift

Hello everyone,

We know some of you have pledged – or might be thinking of pledging – for a copy of our spooky cookbook for the Gothic/food/literature lovers in your life, so we've designed a card that you can download and/or print as a symbol of your gift (just click on the image, below).

We've kept the wording simple so everyone can use it, though you can of course add your own message and details of the pledge level you've purchased. (We still have three bespoke pet portraits available, for example...)

The cookbook is currently at 70% funded, so we're very much hoping we will reach our target early next year. That is, of course, down to those who have so generously supported and believed in our project – as always, we thank you from the dusty depths of our dark hearts.

Please do continue to share news of the project with anyone who might be interested, and feel free to pass this card on, too.

Merry Goth-mas!

Ella, Allie & Lee


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