A Blindefellows Chronicle

By Auriel Roe

A composite comic novel; thirteen interconnected stories that take place over forty years. Its setting is Blindefellows, a second rate public school in the West Country

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Wide Blue Yonder

I had a string of fantastic reviews last week for the Blindefellows blog tour, latest one below.  If you have any time to pop a review on Amazon - 3 words is enough! - and copy paste to Goodreads, I'd be most grateful.  I'm nearly at 50 reviews on Amazon UK from which point Amazon will ramp up the publicity!  Here's the link if you'd like to review... 


More news on #2 novel coming soon - 50,000 words at the time of writing so coming to the end of the first draft!  The image I've attached is my good ole rescue dogs, now 13 and 16, who encourage me to head out into the wide blue yonder when I've been writing for too long!

My Thoughts:

A Blindefellows Chronicle is the author's debut novel, and my what a debut it is. The right side of quirky to make me interested and a distinct change of pace from all of the thrillers and crime that I have been reading lately. I adored this book. 

Blindefellows is a private school and this book follows the span of many years via the medium of interrelated stories of events that take place, some humorous and some a little more serious. The reader arrives at Blindefellows the same time as Sedgewick, the new history master, who is rapidly taken under the wing of Japes, Physics Master. The two are poles apart and this is what makes this book so memorable. 

A Blindefellows Chronicle is very character driven and as a reader I found it richly rewarding to be able to follow the characters over such a long period of time, by the end of the book it was as if I had known them personally. 

This is not a book with fast pace or twists and turns but it doesn't need them. The strength here is in those wonderful characters and the gorgeous writing that brings it all together in all its glorious technicolour. 

This book is funny and enormously entertaining with a touch of the serious about it too. I found it utterly memorable and charming and I will be recommending it hugely.

This one is perhaps the best I have read so far this year. 


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