A Blindefellows Chronicle

By Auriel Roe

A composite comic novel; thirteen interconnected stories that take place over forty years. Its setting is Blindefellows, a second rate public school in the West Country

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Today's fine morsel...

'Sedgewick brought them all back around eight and, having checked everyone in for the evening, stretched out, still dressed, on his bed. Several hours later, he awoke in the dead of night and had to recall his whereabouts in the darkness for a moment or two, going over his last known movements in a hurried whisper, before he remembered where he was. He stumbled about and groped for the light switch on the wall. Japes wasn't in his bed and it hadn't been slept in. He reached for his glasses and looked at his wristwatch – 3 am. Must be quite some round of sweet liqueurs Japes is having with Madame Suzette, he thought. Putting on his carpet slippers, he crept quietly, as best as he could, over the creaky floorboards to the shared bathroom on the landing to relieve himself of the evening's ample intake of wine and water. He was embarrassed by noise of the deluge but couldn't manage the exercise any more quietly, despite aiming for the side of the bowl. Two glasses of Sauvignon was clearly pushing the boat out, he thought.'

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