Bucket List Achievements...

Friday, 31 August 2018


My canine daughters have had so many new experiences since we set out 3 weeks ago.  The older Rufus is certainly much more ready to venture into the unknown, embracing the heady bouquet of each new patch of grass, especially those well-trodden by her fellow canines.  The Puppy, on the other paw, is more likely to sign and find a soft mossy surface to lay upon.  Here are some of their achievements thus far since they finally got some stamps in their doggy passports...

* Visited 2 new countries 

* Been to a beach

* Walked on a wobbly bridge over a river

* Eaten a whole plate of Iberian ham

* Sampled a genuine French croissant

* Eaten Roquefort in Roquefort   

* Slept in hotels

* Alarmed a flock of geese

* Visited a cathedral

* Experienced the thrill of the chase (pack of wild-eyed Alsatians) from a safe vantage point inside the car

* Sailed in a boat

* Eaten cake in a stately home 

There are still some surprises we have in store for them as they enter the second half of their [part of the] world tour. 

For earlier bucket list dog tour posts, click here... https://aurielroe.wixsite.com/aurielroe/single-post/2018/08/31/Bucket-List-Achievements


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