98% Pure Potato: The Origins of Advertising Account Planning

By John Griffiths and Tracey Follows

The story of how account planning began, told by its pioneers

Friday, 15 September 2017

Tracey Follows talks about the book in the latest podcast - and about the future in the Virgin Future Visions Project

Here is the link to the conversation between John Griffiths and Tracey Follows when they met last week at the RSA to reminisce about the writing of 98% Pure Potato - in the podcast of the same name.

And this week Tracey features on another podcast Virgin Future Visions - a project initiated by Richard Branson no less. She talks about big data and crime, and precrime and Minority Report. So do have a listen.
In other news we have nearly sold out of the hardback - the next print run is likely to be a paperback. So if that's what you have been waiting for then we hope you don't have long to wait. If you have not got around to buying a hard back then better get on with it because they are down in single figures now.

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