98% Pure Potato: The Origins of Advertising Account Planning

By John Griffiths and Tracey Follows

The story of how account planning began, told by its pioneers

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The back story of 98% Pure Potato and the cast of the long lunch

Thanks to those who wrote reviews for us on the Unbound site and on Amazon. Keep them coming!  Two things to report

Firstly that the long lunch took place during September - with some of those who had pledged to come and have lunch with us. Here's the team photo. It was slightly alarming how strange it felt to be opening up bottle after bottle of wine. That was normal for a working lunch in the 1960s and 70s but not now! Sadly Tracey missed it - she was in mid air flying back from working in New York. The conversation was sparking and we had special guests Ev Jenkins and James Best who featured in the book. Ev and James are standing to the immediate left of John who is holding the book. Our other guests were Jan, Merry and Laurence. 

Secondly we wanted to send you to a blog post about the back story of the book. The book itself makes some reference to how it came to be written but here's a piece that tells you a little more. Have a look and enjoy!  Please keep spreading the word about the book. We continue to get encouraging feedback but we are also spending time making sure the book becomes better known. 

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