NewMR Article about 98% Pure Potato

Monday, 27 April 2015

New MR is a resource for researchers who are interested in emerging ideas. So a big thank you to Ray Poynter for inviting us to make a posting about 98% Pure Potato. What we've written about for NewMR is tilted more towards market researchers. Account planning had a massive impact on research. Agencies had always made use of research to that point but after the advent of account planning, some planners carried out their own research but planners bought and used research far more intensively and creatively - even the quantitative kind. Account planning was almost singlehandedly responsible for taking qualitative research from an academic backwater and rescuing it from the excesses of motivational research. One of our interviewees even used the phrase 'the industrialising of qualitative research'. So the book has a lot to say about research as well. 

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