98% Pure Potato: The Origins of Advertising Account Planning

By John Griffiths and Tracey Follows

The story of how account planning began, told by its pioneers

Friday, 7 July 2017

Happy Anniversary! - 98% Pure Potato has been on the bookshelves for a year now

We hope that by now you have read the book and enjoyed it. Thanks to all who supported the project. The main news to report is that Unbound is considering a paperback edition.  But as we move inexorably towards 2018 and the anniversary year we thought we would give you a treat. Here is a clip of Paul Feldwick one of the interviewees from the book talking about how account planning got started in Boase Massimi Pollitt and J Walter Thompson. And a reminder that we have a unique video archive featuring those we interviewed for the book.  We hope you get to know them in the book But isn't it a pleasure to put a face to the name and to hearing and seeing these people? Of course, no mention of Paul Feldwick would be complete without reminding you that he wrote The Anatomy of Humbug. The best book about advertising to come out in 2015. Fortunately, ours came out a year later! 

We are still planning a podcast so you can hear the book read. At least chapter 1 anyway.  And both John and Tracey are planning new books which we will talk about in due course. In the mean time enjoy the anniversary and enjoy Paul Feldwick

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