Christmas Webinar offer and news update at the end of 2017

Thursday, 21 December 2017

This is the last update of 2017. And we thought we would give you A Christmas present: a WARC webinar which is available until halfway January 5th. the material was put together by John and Tracey. And this is a first - talking about the issues about where account planning goes. This has never been more than a slide at recent publications. Well here we talk about account planning in the present and the future based on our learnings from the interviews. On the day John gave the presentation but the script about the future is Tracey's most appropriate since she now works as a futurist. We hope you enjoy it. Here’s the link to access the webinar recording and presentation slides:  you just need to fill in the form.

In other news 2018 is the anniversary year - 50 years after the account planning discipline was started at J Walter Thompson and Boase Massimi Pollitt. So you can expect some celebrations and we hope some demand for 98% Pure Potato and the interviews on which it is based. There's an offer out on the ebook reduced to £5 if you type in backforward. And if you want a hardback for £20 (price only for the UK sorry!) signed by John then email him at and use the backforward code. 

It has been a busy autumn. Tracey has taken up her duties with the Advertising Standards Authority and was appointed to the United Nations UK committee for women - a terrific achievement! John has been signed up to be a judge of the 2018 IPA Effectiveness awards so we continue to work in and around advertising and communications planning.  May we wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2018 !  


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