Advent cheer - story no 1 False Economy

Friday, 4 December 2015

We thought as a bit of pre christmas cheer we would give you every few days some treats - you've been waiting for months for scraps of news about 98% Pure Potato.  So here are a few nuggets. Not stories from the book. But stories which didn't make it into the book for various reasons. 

This one was told us by Martin Boase - it concerns a hapless account exec about who many stories were told - but to stop the lawyers getting involved had better not be named.  Anyway there was a pitch which for some reason was set in the south of France. Martin Boase flew down to make the pitch. Boase Massimi Pollitt was in its infancy - money was tight. But the logistics of boarding up the creative work meant that the account exec was charged with travelling from London to the French Mediterranean coast to deliver them.  Alas he decided that in the interests of economy he would hitchhike down through France with the boards. Admirable only by the time he reached the destination and Martin, it was a day after the pitch. Rendering his journey cheap - but pointless.  A useful story next time someone tells you not to spend too much pitching for new business!   The exec didn't lose his job - it took more disasters before that happened. But that (as they say) is another story. 

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