A history of books about planning

Friday, 6 February 2015

The content we are posting here on the shed is mostly goodies for the eyes only of those who have pre-ordered. This is for a wider audience. One of the discussions Tracey and I have had is how many of today's planners have ever bought or read a book about planning. If you never had the idea of preordering a book about account planning may be a really strange idea. 

So to give you encouragement here's a film I made which gives a potted history of books specifically about account planning.. Some of them never leave my house. Because I know I will never see them again if they do!  And it explains how 98% Pure Potato is different from all the ones which have preceded it. Because it tells the story of what the first planners did. Even Stephen King and Stanley Pollitt didn't tell us much about that in their papers.  Enjoy! Pass it on! And Pledge!!!

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