98% Pure Potato: The Origins of Advertising Account Planning

By John Griffiths and Tracey Follows

The story of how account planning began, told by its pioneers

Friday, 27 October 2017

98% Pure Patates Tortilla - talking about the book to Spanish planners

We do occasional updates here - because supporters like to know how the book is going and what we are saying about it. Last Monday John Griffiths was talking about the book in Madrid to an audience of 80 and a livestreamed audience of 170.  Here's the link to the slideshare but if you want to hear the streamed presentation then you can find it on APG Spain's facebook feed.  In the presentation John outlines some of the big ideas in the book and also starts to draw comparisons between the US dominated scientific advertising of the 1960s which account planning was designed to counter - and the tech monopolies (again from the US) who are stifling competition and deeper thinking about how to do effective communications. This theme was developed further in the Q&A afterwards which alas was not recorded. Maybe just as well! ​We wrote the book not to put the old guys on pedestals but to relate their wisdom and experience to the issues that face planners today. 98% Pure Potato is as relevant now as the beginnings it records. 

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