26 Treasures

By John Simmons

An illustrated anthology in which 26 writers respond to 26 treasures in 4 museums, using only 62 words

Monday, 5 March 2012

Thank you

Thanks for all our hundreds of subscribers. 26 Treasures reached 100% funding this morning. Delighted that the book will be published and looking forward to holding a copy. We'll work as fast as we can to get the book into subscribers' hands.

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Penny Arrowood
 Penny Arrowood says:

Very much looking forward to holding a copy, too!

posted 30th October 2012

Sarah Feazey
 Sarah Feazey says:

Ace News. Congratulations. Sarah Feazey

posted 3rd July 2014

Sarah Feazey
 Sarah Feazey says:

Is Unbound's Facebook Share button working? I can't get it to operate.

posted 3rd July 2014

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