21st-Century Yokel

By Tom Cox

A nature book, but not quite like any you’ll have read before

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

21st Century Yokel Walking Diary 1: Haldon Hill

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Avril Cambray
 Avril Cambray says:

I absolutely loved this Tom; very excited for the book now but would love some more of these please!

posted 20th September 2017

Rosalind Stern
 Rosalind Stern says:

Brilliant video Tom, I'm looking forward to the book.

posted 20th September 2017

Sally Browning
 Sally Browning says:

Amazing, really liked this. Please can we have some more?

posted 20th September 2017

Alexander Verkooijen
 Alexander Verkooijen says:

Really enjoyed this. Please more! Looking forward to the book.

posted 21st September 2017

Renee Gagnon
 Renee Gagnon says:

Thank you so much for this! I'm in the States, so I can't, but I would love to join you on your walks!

posted 22nd September 2017

Emma Rachel Martin
 Emma Rachel Martin says:

There's nothing like making yourself feel unsettled in spooky places,it makes you feel alive! Nothing better than a bit of Tom Cox to liven the day up.Hurry up new book!

posted 23rd September 2017

ellen zahl
 ellen zahl says:

Excited about this as of your many wonderfuls, Tom but must wait.

posted 11th December 2017

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