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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Balloons. Streamers. Party Popping Things. We made it! Yesterday evening, around 6pm, my target reached 100%. Thank you. A glass of champagne was had (well, maybe two…)

But now for the moving moment - imagine me sitting quietly, surveying the scene, maybe slightly the worse for wear. And what I’m thinking is that when I write the book of my life (and this isn’t it – this is just a small but significant part and I hope you’re going to like it). But when I do – the 263 people that helped me bring 21 Miles into the world will have a really special place in it. Your faith and love made it happen and your names, every one of them, will always be written on my heart. Sorry if that sounds a bit over emotional but you’ve got to remember that I’ve just had two glasses of champagne. (Well actually it was English sparkling wine. But don’t worry France, thanks to 263 Wonderful People I’m on my way over again…) All my love Jessica x

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Ann Aitken
Ann Aitken says:

Congratulations! I'm really looking forward to reading your book.

October 03, 2017

Cat Harrison
Cat Harrison says:

Amazing news! Can't wait to get my copy :)
Well deserved glasses of English sparkling wine! x

October 03, 2017

Sarah s
Sarah s says:

Brilliant news! Can't wait to read it...SXX

October 03, 2017

Jane Molloy
Jane Molloy says:

Congratulations Jessica you so deserve this. I can't wait to read your book

October 03, 2017

Emma Wood
Emma Wood says:

So pleased to hear this Jessica! Congratulations and I trust you kept enjoying the champagne. Eager to read soon.

October 03, 2017

Clive Smith
Clive Smith says:

Wow, that's fantastic Jessica... you deserve the real stuff... we are all really proud of you. Well done! xxx

October 04, 2017

Gillian Thorpe
Gillian Thorpe says:

Well done Jessica - that's great news!

October 04, 2017

Kate Turvey
Kate Turvey says:

Absolutely fabulous news Jess! Well done and so deserved. xxx

October 05, 2017

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