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By Steven Goodwin

Retro Computing by Numbers

Friday, 23 September 2022

While the manuscript is with the editors...

...here's a short musical interlude!

It's a remix I created of the BBC Micro classic "Cold Tea."


Originally, it was an improvised piano piece performed on Hungarian TV by Andrew Robinson, but I first heard it in the computer room at school. It was on a disc of several tunes which got copied around everyone in the year. Imagine a room with 20 BBC micros, each playing a different tune!

This version was created by using BeebEm to capture the video (and audio) of the first part, which I then mixed into the remix section. Since I'm rather poor at playing by ear I hacked the original program (written in BASIC) to output the notes to the screen, which I duly redirected to the virtual printer. (i.e. a text file.) A quick piece of Javascript to convert this list of notes into a MIDI file, and I was ready to start work arranging the notes.

If you've never heard the original piano version it is, like everything else, available on YouTube.


The pinned comment is even from the composer himself!

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