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By Steven Goodwin

Retro Computing by Numbers

Thursday, 16 February 2023

Spoiler alert!

At the start of February I presented a talk at the open source conference, FOSDEM. For those that know me, this will be no surprise as I've been involved in open source for nearly 30 years, and attended every FOSDEM since they started.

This year I opened the "Emulator Development" devroom with a talk entitled, "7 things I learned about old computers". That video is now available online.


Although I don't know why the URL slug mentions "seven sins", I do know that some of the stories in the talk feature in the book so if you want to be surprised - don't click the link!

This picture from the session, however, contains no such spoilers...

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Garry Heather
 Garry Heather says:

Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed this during my lunch break.

posted 17th February 2023

Tobias Marquardt
 Tobias Marquardt says:

I was there and this was definitely the most entertaining talk at this year's FOSDEM. Thank you!

posted 18th February 2023

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