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By Steven Goodwin

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Sunday, 23 April 2023

Sir Clive Sinclair as public art

But it's only a single piece...
...on a park bench...
...where people sit with their backs to it! :)

Last year, Cambridge City Council announced a new initiative called "Art Benches" where artists, unable to get exhibition space in a traditional gallery, could submit their work for display in one of the custom-built benches in Christ's Lane, in the town centre. Mine was one of those selected!


If you're in the area, it can be seen until mid-end of May.

If you're not, then I've included a selfie of it in situ.

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Brandon Higa
 Brandon Higa says:

Cool!!! I agree with you that it's a bit weird that it ends up behind you but at least people will see it as they walk up to have a seat!

posted 24th April 2023

Morten Wittrock
 Morten Wittrock says:

Wonderful :-) Congratulations!

posted 24th April 2023

Matt Bland
 Matt Bland says:


posted 24th April 2023

James O'Grady
 James O'Grady says:

All hail Sir Clive!

posted 24th April 2023

Donald Meyer
 Donald Meyer says:

Very nice! Congratulations!

posted 24th April 2023

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