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Thursday, 27 July 2023

Here's another short video interlude!

I've recently been listening back to some older retro podcasts. In one (This Week in Retro) they asked about whether the listeners had recorded any old games to video. That is, to tape, on a VCR. The answer in my head was "Not really, but I did use one to make a film."

So, as I take a short break from checking the second typeset draft of the book, here's a link to that video.

In my defense:

* It was made in 1984
* On a ZX81
* (which means no colour, no graphics, and no sound)
* And written in BASIC

So here's that interlude with my full apologies :)


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Peter Edmund Mullins
 Peter Edmund Mullins says:

It still amazes me what could be done with 1kb of memory, no graphics - and a lot of imagination!

posted 27th July 2023

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