20 GOTO 10

By Steven Goodwin

Retro Computing by Numbers

Monday, 29 May 2023

Cover reveal party!

Location: Liege, Belgium

Attendees: 1

Beers consumed: Many!

So here it is - the official book cover. Bold, punchy and ready to go!

It took a lot of work and negotiation to produce the final design that was both eye-catching and factually accurate (i.e. not splitting the title across multiple lines), but we have something I think is rather special.

Unfortunately, I was on holiday in Belgium when this cover was finalized, so I've only now been able to write an update. But it's probably for the best, because trying to write coherent English after Belgian beer is difficult at best!

Also, we're closing the supporters list in a few days, so if any of your friends also want a copy of the book (and to have their name in the book) then buy it now at https://unbound.com/books/20goto10/?utm_campaign=live&utm_medium=AuthorSocial&utm_source=AuthorActivity!

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Peter Edmund Mullins
 Peter Edmund Mullins says:

Hi Steven, I really liked the original mock-up cover for this book. It took me back to my 8-bit computing days when blocky graphics were so high-tech (the years when I was as interested in writing games as playing them). I'm guessing the publisher wouldn't allow anything that even hinted at specific games for copyright reasons? It is the grown-ups cover - clean, no juvenile gaming references, but looks a bit boring (sorry!). I'm sure the nerd in me though won't find the contents boring! Regards, Peter.

posted 31st May 2023

Ray Cornwall
 Ray Cornwall says:

I'm with Peter. I loved the original cover. This one is nice, but not my favorite. It's your book either way.

posted 13th June 2023

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