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Thursday, 19 August 2021

30% - This is the Future!

When we hit 25% I started to make notes for an exclusive update about the number 30. Then I blinked. We hit a Dragon-roaring 32% almost overnight! You folk are epic!

Anyway, so what did I want to say about the number 30? Simply that many of us will know it primarily as an address in Bath. Specifically, 30 Monmouth Street. This is etched in my mind as being the place where Future Publishing were based for the majority of its life, having moved there in January 1990 from their previous location at 4 Queen Street. They produced so many magazines that they probably had one for every computer on the market. (And quite a few of the consolse.) Essentially, if the title had "Format" in it, it was probably Future. Plus, they bought some of the 8-bit magazines, making them resposible for the latter day editions of "Your Sinclair" and "Your Commodore." Also, as we moved into the 32-bit era, they produced the "Official Sony Playstation" magazine which garnered a new generation of fans. Literally, a new generation.

As someone with a diet of computer machines, it reached the point where I even considered asking my boss to transfer my pay cheque directly into their bank account!

Here is me, my Issue 1 of Amiga format, and some of my collection....

So, which of their magazines did you collect?


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Mark Vent
 Mark Vent says:

oh yes! my sister moved to "Monmouth Road" in Bristol and was convinced it was where PC Format used to be ... but yes 30 Monmouth Street in Bath ...

Had a few walkthroughs and such published in PC Format back in the day.

posted 19th August 2021

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