20 GOTO 10

By Steven Goodwin

Retro Computing by Numbers

Wednesday, 23 August 2023

20 GOTO 10 - The Meta Edition

With the book at the printers, I got my first weekend of "not thinking about the book" since 26th July 2021, when we first launched the campaign.

So, with my second weekend off, I created a short list of facts about the book and process itself.


4 : Most covered number, with nine separate entries
4 : Proof runs - me, to them, to me, to them, to me ...
11 : Number of appendices, labelled 0 to 4294967295
14 : Secret entries, unlisted in the contents
29 : Letters in the longest word of the book
49 : Favourite machines covered (taking over a month to write up!)
58 : Lines of BASIC in an exclusive type-in game
77 : Days between being 100% funded, and my first draft
160 : Entries in contents
185 : Days between launch of crowdfunding, to 100%
576 : Pledges to hit the target
814 : Current number of supporters!


So far, I've only seen the PDFs, but if the printed version matches then there are some very nice tie-ins of page numbers and entry numbers!


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Matthew Wood
 Matthew Wood says:

Is that 814 unique/distinct supporters? Through a worrying failure of attention and memory, I managed to support it twice!

posted 29th August 2023

Wyatt Wong
 Wyatt Wong says:

May I know if you will provide mail tracking number when you ship the physical book ?

posted 29th August 2023

Matt Bland
 Matt Bland says:

Can’t wait to receive it. Every update gets me even more hyped up! Not long now

posted 29th August 2023

Paula Maddox
 Paula Maddox says:

Woot!! I'm really looking forward to seeing this.

posted 29th August 2023

Rob Schofield
 Rob Schofield says:

... and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

posted 29th August 2023

Richard Webb
 Richard Webb says:

seems a heck of a long time ago since joining the train, but sounds like the light is at the end of the tunnel now :)

how about the stat we probably all want to see.... how many days to release ;)

posted 30th August 2023

Steven Goodwin
 Steven Goodwin says:

@Matthew, I believe 814 represents distinct supporters as counted by the system. (Although we're now at 825!)

posted 4th September 2023

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